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This week our class of the week is Clubbercise, below we are going to list a few FAQ’S and why we think Clubbercise is so popular and fun and also all of the benefits that this wicked class has!

What is Clubbercise?

Clubbercise is a new dance fitness class with easy ­to ­follow routines using rave glow sticks. It is choreographed to club anthems from the 90′s and the latest chart hits. The classes are taught in dark rooms with disco lights to create a nightclub atmosphere. The workouts are designed with high and low impact options meaning Clubbercise is adaptable to your specific fitness level.

Who can do Clubbercise?

Anyone can take part in Clubbercise classes as the exercises are designed with high and low impact options to adapt to your fitness level. Your instructor will advise you on how to carry out these exercises and what impact level is right for you. As the moves are designed to be easy to follow you do not need to be an experienced dancer either. Your Clubbercise instructor will dim the lights turn on the tunes and the disco lights, give you some glow sticks and you can just let yourself go!

Why is Clubbercise good for you?

Clubbercise classes will not only challenge your current fitness level it will burn calories and tone your whole body, whilst having fun! Some other benefits of Clubbercise include:

 Burn fat
 Increase lung capacity
 Increase fitness level
 Get that “Feel Good” Feeling
 Increase your self confidence
 Correct posture, balance and coordination
 Weight loss

So what are you waiting for? For more information about Clubbercise check it out HERE and don’t forget you can book on via the members login HERE!

Go get it guys! 

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