Stress-free wedding planning

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It’s widely accepted that planning a wedding can put a strain on your relationship and your mental health! So we’ve compiled some pointers to that will help reduce the stress involved with planning your wedding reception.

1) Set your budget first!

Before you start any sort of planning, sit down with your other half and decide on a budget. In fact, we recommend you set a desired budget that you’d really like to stick to and also set a backup budget that you are comfortable stretching to if you find any unexpected costs. Having this backup budget will help keep you calm when those final perfect touches come in slightly higher than anticipated.

2) Be honest with yourself and your partner

Sounds simple, right?! Well, not always! Many couples find themselves being drawn into offers and shiny marketing and losing sight of what they really want their special day to look like. So before you wander out into the world of wedding suppliers, make sure you communicate clearly what you do and / or do not want to be part of your wedding. Often listing the elements you definitely do not want are a good way to find the way to what you do want. These days there are plenty of options to choose from, such as:

  • Formal sit down wedding reception – the traditional option and great for people who want to include the usual sit down meal and speeches.
  • Cocktail style reception – this trendy option is often popular due to reduced costs and its more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Picnic – a perfect wedding reception to follow a beach wedding!
  • Afternoon tea – simple, no fuss and very classy!

3) Agendas rule!

Of course you want your wedding reception to be relaxed and to just flow but fail to create an amazing and detailed agenda and we can almost guarantee the stress will build and build throughout the day! Ensure your agenda covers everything and give people responsibility for various elements through the event so you can focus on actually participating in in!

4) Match the music to your audience

A wedding reception without background music can feel unfinished. Music provides that final touch and sets the mood. Think about what music you want for each stage of your wedding reception – what will be playing during the food and how will the disco kick off? Remember that while you and your new spouse are obviously the most important people there, ensuring the music will meet the expectations of the majority of the crowd…or at least not alienate them will help ensure the event is successful.

Our experienced event management team at The Ruby Lounge can help you create the perfect wedding reception that you’ll remember forever!

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