Top tips for planning a team building event

Corporate Team Building at Diana's Wellingborough

So you’ve had approval from the boss to plan a team building event but don’t know where to start? These tips should help…

1) Define what you want to achieve

The usual desired outcome of team building events is to develop a more cohesive team that can communicate and work well together. It is important to assess where your team is currently and what gaps exist. By doing this you can create activities that will encourage the team to overcome these challenges.

2) Ensure your activities have purpose

Look at what problem you have and match an activity that will solve it. Looking to instil a sense of competition in your sales team? Competition circuits could be the answer. Looking to promote mindfulness and understanding? Give group yoga a try.

3) Have an inspiring theme

A theme can really set the tone of your event and gives you a golden thread to tie all your activities together. Additionally, having a theme can help your teams remember the message of the day as well as having some fun.

4) Encourage participation before, during and after the event

Make good use of internal communications in advance of the event to get your teams excited and invested in the event. Share your objectives and challenge them to bring ideas to the event. Allow time for feedback and engagement during the event and remember to plan time to revisit lessons learned after the event.

5) Conduct the event off-site

Often the best team building takes your teams out of their comfort zone but also provides neutral territory where they feel they are safe to share their true opinions with the management without judgement. Hosting it off-site also reduces the chance of distraction.

6) Consider appointing a professional

You may benefit from hiring a professional to design and lead your team building programme. This allows you to deploy professional team building techniques and also having an outside point of view can encourage increased participation.

Did you know that The Ruby Lounge at Diana’s Health and Fitness can be your host and your event management team? We have exceptional facilities and work with our partner, Power2Progress, to develop outstanding team building events that will help your team grow together.

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