Nicole Ducker

Meet the Team at Diana's Health & Fitness, Wellingborough

Nicole Ducker

Sales & Marketing Manager

Nicole started in the Leisure industry as a Lifeguard and Receptionist and then moved to the events side of the business as it appealed to her.  A few years later she decided she missed the leisure industry and back she came! Her job here at Diana’s is perfect for her as it combines her love (and knowledge) of both leisure and hospitality. She’s so organised, always on time, always smiling and passionate about making people happy with their experiences. 

She loves working at Diana’s and the most exciting part of this is being able to juggle ten things at once, develop the team, the business and go home safe in the knowledge that she has made a positive impact to peoples lives. What would be impossible for Nicole to give up? Chocolate and talking, in that order!

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