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Are you tired of the way you feel about your body? Fed up with feeling unfit and know you should do something about it? Are you just looking for some inspiration? Set, inspire and achieve YOUR goals?

Read through a few of our success stories below, to see how we’ve helped others do just that. Then get in touch to find out how we can help you pick up the pace and get your heart pumping.

Have you got a great story to tell? We’d love to hear about how you’ve used Diana’s to set and achieve your goals, how we’ve helped and what the community here did to support you. Anyone who is featured here on this page will win a FREE month’s membership so if you’re up for it, contact us now to tell us more.

Dean Roberts

For the month of January we feel Dean more than deserves member of the month through his sheer determination, hard work and attitude to his training, plus the transformation he has gone through as you can see is simply inspiring! Dean has been a member with us since October 2016 and to watch him transform […]

Coral Brooke

For the month of December, there is nobody more deserving to win this award than Coral and we think just by the photo’s you will agree, Coral’s transformation and story is so inspiring that it is a no-brainer for her to be winning this award. The first photo of Coral you see is her in […]

Carrie Taylor

The photo you see on the left is Carrie three years ago and the photo you see on the right is Carrie today and we think its safe to say her transformation is incredible! Carrie has undergone this incredible transformation in just three short years and her journey is astounding. Three years ago, Carrie decided […]

Elaine Taylor

Firstly, MASSIVE congratulations to Elaine. From the photo’s above, you can see how Elaine has transformed herself; she has lost (in total) seven stone starting her journey at 25 stone and now enjoying life again at 18 stone, which is an incredible achievement! Elaine has been a member with us for 18 months and in […]

Laura Strutton

The first photo you see above is Laura in March 2017, the second is Laura just three months later in June 2017. In that seriously short amount of time, she has lost 1 stone and 4lbs; that’s a serious transformation and you should be incredibly proud of yourself Laura. She puts it all down to […]

Fiona Call

Fiona started running with her Personal Trainer (Tom) a year ago; she wasn’t the biggest fan of running but had set herself a goal of completing 10km. At the beginning, she struggled to run 1km, almost collapsing at the side of the road and literally begging Tom for mercy not to run up hills. However, […]

Barry Baddock

Just to give you an idea of the speed Barry has lost his two stone and transformed himself, the first photo (on the left) was taken in December 2016; the second was in February 2017 and the third was taken in May of 2017. Barry has been training intensely these last few months as he entered […]

Janet Meads

The photo on the left was Janet in April 2016 when she weighed just over 17 stone and the photo on the right is Janet in March 2017, weighing an incredible 12 stone. In the space of just under a year, Janet has gone from a dress size 20/22 to a dress size 12/14. She […]






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