There are more than 100 classes for you to choose from to keep your fitness regime varied and interesting. From a full on HIIT class to finding peace and tranquillity at one of our Yoga sessions, take a look below to decide which classes work for you.

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A fun all over body workout Incorporating both bodyweight and free weights to help sculpt and tone.

NEW Body Conditioning

Challenge yourself in this exciting class working not only just your Core muscles but also help strengthen your back and increase your flexibility.

NEW Core

Core Vitality is a combination of 15 minutes Core and 15 minutes HIIT Vitality!

In this fabulous new class you’ll not only concentrate on just core stabilising exercises, but you’ll also work on all your favourite weight lifting exercises from HIIT Vitality to really help push those extra calories!

NEW Core Vitality

Using dance-based exercises and a range of music from the 70s through to the latest beats! Get fitter whilst having fun!

NEW Dance Aerobics

It’s all weights here! No burpees or jumping around in this class! You’ll use a range of different training techniques to give you the best sculpting results out there! If you love using kettlebells to dumbbells this 30 minute class is designed just for you!

NEW HIIT Vitality

The original step aerobics class. It’s no wonder this class has been around for decades with its upbeat music ranging from the last 50 years not to mention the amount of fun you’ll have whilst receiving a cardio, strength workout using not just the step but your own body weight too!

NEW Step Aerobics

Find balance in body and mind, increase energy, boost immunity through twists, improve posture and alignment, using the breath as your guide.

NEW Yoga Hatha

Yoga Vinyasa is a style of yoga that is practiced linking conscious breath with dynamic fluid movement. A number of Yoga postures are linked together in a sequence which flows together. The breath is controlled and directs the timing and co-ordination of the movement in flow.

NEW Yoga Vinyasa

It’s not all grape vine! Using a range of movements to help improve your cardio output and tone, set to amazing tunes.


Aikido is an ancient Japanese self-defence based martial art. The class teaches great discipline as well as the techniques that the art is known for; locks, holds and throws to challenge an attacker.

The class is also great for cardio fitness, self-confidence and generally brushing up on your self-defence skills.

This class is suitable for anyone of any age or ability and we love to welcome new faces.

Please note that this class carries an additional fee, further information available from reception.


Low impact high-energy all-round fun. Use the resistance of water to help sculpt, burn and tone.


Body Balance Virtual is a new class for anyone and everyone. The class combines movements based on Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates and is set to music.

Improve your mind, your body and your life.


Body Balance

Body Combat is a high energy martial arts-inspired non-contact workout.

With live and virtual classes to choose from, you will be taught how to punch, kick and strike your way to superior fitness and strength set to the latest banging tunes.

Toughen up those muscles, tighten your techniques and get your blood pumping.

Body Combat

Body Pump is the original barbell class – a weights class for absolutely everybody.

With live and virtual classes to choose from, Body Pump will help make you toned, lean and fit all set to the latest banging tunes.


Body Pump

Kick, punch and sweat your way through this high calorie-burning class.


CXWORX Virtual is an intensive workout that activates the muscles that create optimal core control (the vital ingredient for a stronger body) AND chisel your waistline.

Combine resistance tubes and weight plates with bodyweight exercises to improve your functional strength and assist in injury prevention.


A 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sports conditioning workout, designed to make you perform like an athlete.

This workout often uses a step, bodyweight exercises and multi-dimensional sports conditioning training to increase your overall athletic performance.

GRIT Athletic

A 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that improves cardiovascular fitness, increases speed and maximizes calorie burn.

This workout uses a variety of bodyweight exercises and provides the challenge and intensity that gets results fast.

GRIT Cardio

30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, designed to improve strength, cardiovascular fitness and build lean muscle.

This workout uses barbell, weight plate and bodyweight exercises to blast all your major muscle groups.

GRIT Strength

Enjoy a range of hills, sprints and intervals all on a stationary bike to help get you stronger and fitter.

Group Cycle & Group Cycle Express

It’s all cardio here! Expect to see movements from shuffles, mountain climbers, high knees, jumping movements, treadmills, bikes and of course BURPEES! Using a range of different training techniques to give you the best fat burn in just 30 minutes!

HIIT Endurance

Diana’s Junior Squash Coaching is led by ex-England player Sam Willis. Get your children off their tablets, phones and YouTube and get them active.

Five to 18 year olds can kick-start squash ambitions with fun and lively sessions that will build a solid foundation and the basics of the game.

Please note that this class carries an additional fee, further information available from reception.

Junior Squash Coaching

Legs, Bums and Tums! It’s in the name really! Sculpt, tone and enjoy high energy music to help you shape your body in this original sculpting class.


Improve flexibility, mobility and physical strength, releasing any stress from day-to-day challenges.

Mat Pilates

Improve your range of movement with foam rolling, stretching and muscle pain releasing exercises. Challenge your core muscles in yoga style poses to help you improve overall strength. 

Mobility & Stretch

A class with a virtual instructor to guide you through your workout. Perfect for all levels of fitness. The instructor will guide, coach and motivate you to focus on having a great ride.

MyRide® Studio Coach Virtual

Stunning real-world locations on screen with the help of a virtual coach to help you get the most from your ride. Coaching information and cues are displayed on screen, all you need to do is ride!

MyRide® Tour Coach Virtual

Burn, tone, sculpt and shape your muscles to high energy music.


Move between high and low interval dance-based exercises to help boost your cardio output! You’ll experience the best of Latin and current music.








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