At Diana’s we welcome every age, shape, size and fitness level. We don’t believe in fad diets or ‘get fit quick’ schemes.

We are here to help you get fit for life.

By adopting positive, life-changing habits you will find it easier than you can imagine to get fitter and healthier.

Using the Smart Start system. our members are all treated to free health checks and bespoke fitness programmes, which are regularly updated by our friendly gym team. Our gym is kitted out with innovative and cutting-edge equipment by leading companies including Technogym™, Powerplate™, TRX™, ViPR™ and more.

Running at Diana's Health and Fitness Wellingborough


Smart Start - A Proven Way to Fitness at Diana's, Wellingborough


A tailor-made workout that is designed to get YOU on the right path on YOUR fitness journey.

A six-week programme that is perfect for everyone. From the fanatical gym user to those who are new to the gym environment, haven’t exercised for a long period of time or even returning from injury.

We will support you to ensure that your first steps into fitness are not your last. With ongoing reviews of your bespoke programme, we will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Use the Kettlebell at Diana's, Wellingborough


A kettlebell is ideal for developing your fitness, endurance, balance, agility and overall strength.

Using the kettlebell with swinging movements and release moves helps to burn fat and strengthen your tendons & ligaments to make your joints tougher and less likely to be injured.

Sculpt your body with an all over workout.

With an almost unlimited variety of exercises, the kettlebell is one of the most versatile tools in the Gym.

Use the Wattbike at Diana's Gym, Wellingborough


The Wattbike™ brings all the sensation of road cycling into the Gym. It also analyses your ride and feeds back your data to help you improve.

Your foot’s progression is measured 100 times during EACH pedal revolution, and this data gives you an insight into your strengths and weaknesses that you’ve never had access to before.

Try the ViPR for Functional Training at Diana's, Wellingborough


VITALITY, PERFORMANCE AND RECONDITIONING (ViPR™) are weighted rubber cylinders that help to bridge the gap between movement and strength training. 

The ViPR™ combines movement with load; it works your entire body with each movement, burns fat, enhances your performance and improves vitality.

The Woodway Curve, use it at Diana's Gym in Wellingborough


The Woodway Curve™ is a treadmill that YOU power. There are no buttons, no electrics and no shortcuts, just YOU!

The unpowered treadmill is proven to burn 30% more calories than any other treadmill. Just walking on a Woodway Curve™ gives you the same cardio workout as running would on a normal treadmill.

Get in touch to try out the TiYR at Diana's in Wellingborough


The TIYR™ is super tough, just like a real tyre that you flip, jump, drag and hit. Release your anger; the TIYR™ won’t hit you back.

Regularly used during Bootcamps, PT sessions, group training or just to get something off your chest, bounce free and sculpt your body the old-fashioned way.

Use the Plyobox at Diana's Health & fitness, Wellingborough


Take your jump training to the next level with these challenging exercise platforms. These stacking high-density foam boxes can set to different heights from 3 – 39″ to allow different progression and regression options.

Plyometric exercises work your muscles hard in short bursts of time. From jumping to push-ups, step-ups to dips, the Plyo Box ensures that different muscles are worked to challenge your body, increase your power and build your strength.

Use the Power Plate at Diana's Wellingborough


The ultimate in accelerated training (also known as vibration training). 

Achieve functional training results like never before (in half the time of traditional programs). The Power Plate™ is recognised by the medical profession as improving flexibility, your range-of-motion, strength and power and is effective for reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

The Versaclimber - Visit Diana's Health and Fitness, Wellingborough


Hill Climbing just got tougher. The Versclimber Sport™ is great if you want to take your fitness levels up to the next level.

It can be adjusted to fit all body types in a low-impact, high calorie burning workout (up to 200% more calories than a comparable treadmill workout) uses all four limbs to mimic the effects of climbing.

The THR Rig at the gym, Diana's, Wellingborough


At the core of our Functional Training area, the Rig™ can be used by multiple users to complete a limitless number of functional training exercises.

Making use of monkey bars, battle ropes and the dipping station (amongst others), the Rig™ keeps your training interesting, exciting but most of all, fun. 

Use the Kinesis One at Diana's Gym, Wellingborough


Kinesis® One is a single, stand-alone station that provides resistance across three planes of movement. 

Explore a range of natural movements under an appropriate load on target areas making it an ideal tool for use during your personal training sessions. It’s also certified to medical standards, so it’s great to help with rehabilitation goals too.

TRX Functional Training at Diana's Wellingborough


The TRX™ Rip Trainer strengthens your core and develops power using a resistance cord and weighted bar to create rotational movements that mimic the way your body moves naturally. 

Challenge, then build your core strength with asymmetric loads working to burn calories and increase your cardiovascular endurance.

The Technogym ARKE try it out at Diana's Gym in Wellingborough


ARKE™ is a brilliant solution for core and bodyweight training integrated into Diana’s wellness space.

ARKE™ kit progressively helps you to improve your physical movement skills and increase your fitness levels. The tools also help with freedom of movement by improving your coordination, stability, balance, flexibility, strength, speed, agility, reaction time, cardiovascular and respiratory capacity… and breathe!

Punch Bag at Diana's Gym, Wellingborough


Reap the benefits of Heavy Bag Training to improve your boxing technique, aerobic fitness, power, coordination, core stability and practice your self-defence skills too.

Take out your frustration and relieve stress with the Heavy Punch Bag in Diana’s gym now.

TRX - suspension and functional Training at Diana's Wellingborough


The TRX™ Suspension Trainer gives you the perfect, full body workout, challenging your core, stability balance and flexibility.

Reach your goals using your own body-weight and gravity to perform more than 300 individual exercises. You have total control over the difficulty of your workout based on your body position. The TRX™ improves cardio, strength and endurance.

Hard Core Resistance Training at Diana's, Wellingborough


Diana’s are proud to boast a wide range of the latest Technogym™ weight training machines which let you put the emphasis on the area that you most want to train.

Our plate loaded training equipment is also ideal for working on building muscle tone and improving your endurance.

All of Diana’s kit has been engineered to be as simple and comfortable to use as possible, whilst giving you the benefit of a structured workout.


Cardio Vascular Training at Diana's Health and Fitness, Wellingborough


Get your heart rate up, increase your blood circulation and burn fat with Diana’s range of CV equipment. The Gym is stacked with a range of over 30 different Technogym™ and Concept 2™ cardiovascular machines. 

With equipment like the Excite® Climb UNITY™, the EXCITE® RUN 1000, the EXCITE® VARIO, the EXCITE® SYNCHRO, the EXCITE® RECLINE, the EXCITE® TOP, EXCITE® BIKE and the Concept 2™ Rowers & SkiErg to choose from, you can be sure that your cardio routine is varied at the very least.

Wide range of free weights at Diana's Gym, Wellingborough

Free Weights

Free weights are paramount to a good muscular workout and Diana’s kit comes from the proud official supplier to the Olympic and Paralympic Games for the past 20 years, if it’s good enough for Olympians, it’s good enough for us.

With dumbells ranging from 1-50kg, over a 1,000kg in Olympic plates, our deadlift training zone, squat rack, smith machines, cable crossovers, flat and incline adjustable benches and preacher curl you won’t be left searching for the right kit.


At Diana’s we are committed to having a positive impact on your life. That is why our Gym Team are also dedicated to helping you, but sometimes you need a little more help…

Our expert, high energy PT sessions, bespoke to every member, are packed with nutritional solutions and effective training techniques.

Diana’s employ highly qualified male and female personal trainers so you can choose the one that is most suited to you. Click below to find out more or ask at Reception the next time you visit.

Personal Training at Diana's, Wellingborough

Why Choose Us?

Diana’s is packed with the latest equipment, brilliant facilities and expert trainers & coaches. But that isn’t all…

Being a member of Diana’s gives you access to all that, of course as you would expect with any Health & Fitness club. But the single reason above everything else is the atmosphere here. We are a community. We all help each other to achieve our goals, conquer our fears, stay fit and SOCIALISE!

The only way to experience that atmosphere and become part of that community is to pop in and see for yourself. What are you waiting for, contact us now to book a guided tour and FREE taster day.

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