Getting kids interested in being active & healthy

Getting kids interested in being active & Healthy with Diana's, Wellingborough

It’s the time old question: how do we keep children entertained?

Between weekends and school holidays, children have plenty of free time to use up all that pent-up energy youth provides them with but too often we find them slumped in front of games consoles, while the sun is shining.

At Diana’s we’re staging a fitness intervention – it’s time for kids to active, happy and healthy!


Use the impact of Wimbledon to get children picking up a racket and heading straight to the courts. It’s the perfect summer sport and they can learn lots of different skills from serving to volleying.

Play together as a family in a round-robin tournament or if you’re feeling brave play a game of kids vs. parents – winners get first dibs on the strawberries and cream! Game, set and match!


This racket sport is a year round favourite and its fast moving pace is ideal for children. Challenge the kids to see how long they can maintain a rally for – with the ball whizzing around at speeds up to 170mph they’ll definitely be kept on their toes!

Whether they’d like to improve their game or learn a new sport, we have several Junior Squash coaches who can help them develop their skills while having fun in lively sessions.


The nation’s favourite sport is everywhere: from the buzzing Premier League to Sunday league and the recent surge of Women’s football following England Ladies success.

Start off by taking a ball to the park for a kick about with jumpers as goal posts, and you could soon be signing them up to weekly coaching sessions for boys and girls of all abilities.


Swimming is a life skill in itself but making a splash in the pool is also relaxing and lots of fun! Let them embrace being a merperson with swimming lessons to teach them how to have fun and be safe in water.

Grab your goggles and join them in the swimming pool to help them practice their different strokes – children always enjoy showing off their new skills.


Have fun as a family by creating a mini Olympics; each family member represents a different country and you compete in different activities from long jump to sprinting.

You could even introduce silly activities such as the three-legged race and egg-and-spoon! By keeping score the kids will experience and enjoy the adrenaline associated with physical activity.


Did you know children as young as 11 have access to our cardio equipment when supervised by an adult? The gym is a perfect introduction to a healthy lifestyle, where they can watch and learn how you work out.

We have child and family membership options available – we’re a fitness family!

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