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A healthy Hydration Guide from Diana's Health & Fitness, Northants

Healthy Hydration Guide

Our body’s are made up of approximately two-thirds water, therefore adequate fluid consumption is essential to stay hydrated and healthy! An average person requires between 6-8 glasses of fluid each day (Eatwell Guide recommendation). Fluids include liquids that provide water as well, such as; tea, coffee, milk, fruit juices and soft drinks. Fluid choices are […]

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Healthy Trick or Treat Recipes, Diana's Wellingborough

Trick-or-treat recipes with a twist

Around this time every year, when the grocery aisles are fully stocked with goodies, a dilemma arises: Do you stock up on sugar laden treats for the local trick-or-treaters? Or do you wear your dietician hat and look for healthier alternatives that won’t evoke a look of disgust from the children? With the helping hand […]

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Summer fitness has more than one shape; Diana's, Wellingborough

Summer fitness has more than one shape

With all the hype surrounding Protein World’s summer body campaign, at Diana’s we think it’s important to emphasise that getting in shape for summer is not about being the skinniest or the most muscly – it’s about being healthy and happy in your body! Looking after our bodies and ensuring fitness levels are maintained is important no […]

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