Give your body an MOT

Body MOT at Diana's Health & Fitness, Wellingborough

Let us help you restore your fitness after the festive merriment with our group exercise classes. We’ve also got all the information you need as a beginner or a veteran to help you stick to your New Year fitness resolutions. Make 2015 your fitness year!

Read the tips below and start making your fitness plan.


Back to Basics

First, and probably most importantly, don’t forget the basics. Throwing yourself into a complex workout routine in your first weeks back after the holidays can be a daunting task. Keeping things simple will allow you to get back into the swing of things more effectively than jumping straight in at the deep-end.

Compounds are Key

Be smart about your training. Don’t waste hours at the gym training using every piece of equipment and doing every exercise under the sun. Compound exercise will build more muscle and burn more fat than isolations. So, if all you’ve got is 30 minutes to workout on your lunch break, don’t waste it doing 4 sets of bicep curls. Stick to compound lifts for the best and quickest results.

Form Over Ego

Don’t go too heavy or do too much. When jumping back into the gym lots of people make the mistake of lifting too heavy or doing too much. Remember you’ve just had a break from the gym and may have even lost a little strength or muscle mass during your merry holidays. Take it slow and steady. There’s no shame in lifting lighter dumbbells for the first few weeks. Equally important as not lifting too heavy is form. Form trumps weight, there’s not debating it. Always remember to get the most out of your weight training, control the lowering portion of the exercise. Slowly lower for 3 to 4 seconds to get the best results.

Avoiding the Rush

With all the masses taking up a health and fitness resolution, the Club will be extra busy this time of year. So to get the best possible workout and not have to wait, try changing your training time. Your body will adjust to a different training time in a few days and after that it becomes routine.

Mixing Things Up

Many people see cardio or weight training as the enemy. Try mixing up your workouts to get the most out of your training and really give your body a kick-start to achieve your goals. Or maybe try something completely new like one of the many classes on offer here at the Club.


Don’t Restrict

Changing your eating habits can be a great way to lose weight and look your best, but changing it too quickly and severely can have a negative effect on your mood and stop you achieving your goals. Some of your favourite ‘unhealthy’ foods can be too tempting to resist after a long day and hard workout, and having them can cause you to binge on more ‘unhealthy’ foods. To avoid this don’t restrict just control. If you love some peanut butter have a smaller serving every few days or, if you crave a bowl of ice cream for dessert, schedule a day a week where you allow a little indulgence. Controlling your eating habits in this way will keep you sane and keep you on track.

Gradual Changes

As with training, don’t jump in too fast. Making gradual changes to your nutrition every week will allow you to stick to your new eating habits a lot longer than jumping in and restricting everything from the start.


Don’t be fooled by the Water Weight

After all the merriment of the holidays, your body is bound to be holding onto a little bit of extra water. After you start training and eating better you might find a few more pounds dropping off the scale than usual. But don’t be fooled. The maximum you should aim to lose in a week is 1lb (0.5kg). Anymore than that and you may not be eating enough, which could cause you to put the weight back on more easily when you’ve hit your target weight.

Setting Goals

Always start small. Setting your long-term goal is great, but not having short-term goals can leave you unmotivated after a few weeks. Simple things per week, like going to a extra class or lifting 10kg more, can be the different between sticking to your resolution or crashing a few weeks in.

Partner Up

Sharing a resolution can be a great way to stay motivated and help someone else achieve their goals too. Working out with other people is a great way to keep you focussed on your fitness goals and help you both stay on track. Plus the competitive edge can give you a boost during your training routines.

Need a Helping Hand?

And of course, if you really want to get the most out of your workouts, why not speak to one of our experienced Personal Trainers and book a taster session.

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