Let our group exercise family be your motivation

Group Exercise motivation at Diana's, Wellingborough

I have been a group exercise instructor for many, many years and find it very rewarding. I love teaching a variety of people and seeing the rewards they can achieve.

When first joining a gym to improve fitness and lose weight, it can be a very daunting experience. You start the journey with an eagerness to fulfil your goals but as time goes by your motivation starts to flag and your training becomes stagnant, leading to you slowly losing all interest.

Smash your fitness goals with group exercise

Group exercise classes can reignite your passion for the gym and set you back on your weight loss and fitness journey. You will have more fun exercising with the group than if you were alone and you meet people who have similar goals to you. You’ll quickly find these new found friends will encourage you to attend more regularly and boost your motivation to meet those goals.

Achieve more with motivational instructors

Working out as a group with a dedicated instructor challenges you to push beyond your own perceived limitations. I monitor each member of my classes closely and motivate you to push past the fatigue.

I also encourage you by helping you improve your form and providing hints and tips throughout the class. I like you to understand how the exercise is impacting your body too so we discuss the muscles worked and benefits you should expect to see over time.

Join our family

Group exercise is like belonging to a family. We all go through the pain and the joy of success together. We praise each other to boost esteem and work together to stay on track. Classes quickly become addictive!

Try a class today and join our family!

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