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If you’ve not given personal training a go yet, I can see how it can be easy to let those excuses build up and build up! In my experience though, once someone has given it a try and seen the results, they never turn back – their trainer becomes an invaluable part of their fitness plan. So, let’s explore some of the common myths that prevent people from giving personal training a try…

1) All personal trainers are scary, shouty and general crazy

This is a myth I come across all of the time – not helped by the Bootcamp fashion that has adopted an army-style approach. If that works for you then fab, but it isn’t the only way! Your personal trainer should be there to support you – yes they are going to push you and at times you’re probably going to hate them for a few minutes until you achieve that goal! They should get to know you and your limits so while training can feel challenging, it should never feel impossible or uncomfortable. Start by having an informal chat with a trainer and get to know them before committing to a session with them.

2) Personal trainers are ripped to perfection!

This can be true – it all depends on that person’s particular goal…did you get that…we are people too! Haha! Seriously, some trainers want to be all six packs and muscle, others train for stamina or general well-being. Just like you, we all have our own personal goals. You might want to find a trainer who has similar interests and goals to you.

3) Trainers don’t eat cake

Ok, looks like you missed my point above…we are just human! We might have got ourselves into an awesome routine so we know when we can and cannot cheat (guilt-free, I might add…due to the planning) but what is a life without the occasional piece of cake? It’s all about balance, moderation and appropriate rewards! Have a chat with us about how we tackle temptation.

4) Hiring a personal trainer is magic!

Unfortunately as much as we’d like to be, we’re not magicians and hiring a personal trainer won’t give you instant, magical results. You’ve got to be committed and work hard to achieve your goals. Think of us more as your cheerleading squad – I must prefer the outfits!

5) It’s all about the workout

Your trainer is there to help you build a programme that will achieve your goals. They will work with you side-by-side on the workout element of this but it doesn’t mean that once you leave the gym you can forget about your plan. In fact, nutrition, for example, is such a huge part of training, whether you’re aim is weight loss or muscle gain. Your trainer should also help you get motivated – even during the tough bits, you should leave your session pumped!

Ok, so now we’ve cleared that up, pop into Diana’s and have a chat with us about your goals and how a personal trainer could help you achieve them!

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