Summer fitness has more than one shape

Summer fitness has more than one shape; Diana's, Wellingborough

With all the hype surrounding Protein World’s summer body campaign, at Diana’s we think it’s important to emphasise that getting in shape for summer is not about being the skinniest or the most muscly – it’s about being healthy and happy in your body!

Looking after our bodies and ensuring fitness levels are maintained is important no matter what shape and size we are – we’re all beach body ready!

To kick start your body confidence for the summer, here’s some top fitness tips:

1. Find a fitness friend

Keeping yourself motivated is essential for fitness success and the best way to do this is to have fun with your friends. Whether you set a time to go running together or attend a fitness class and boost each other’s commitment.

2. Find your feel good tunes

Whether you’re doing Zumba, on a run or dancing around the kitchen, exercise is always better when it’s accompanied by great music. Design a playlist that ranges from fast-paced dance to relaxing symphony music, so you can pace your workout to the music and enjoy yourself.

3. Fuel yourself for the day

Your body confidence can take a knock when you’re feeling upset and tired which is often triggered by not eating enough energy-packed foods. Start your day correctly with a high-carbohydrate breakfast – everyone will be asking how you’re getting your summer buzz from!

4. Enjoy quality H20

No matter how active your day is – if you’re taking a walk on your lunch break or heading off to spin class – it’s extremely important to stay hydrated. Water has special powers which keep us healthy, energised and looking younger as it looks after your skin.

5. You’re allowed a cheat day

Do you feel guilty after you’ve enjoyed a pizza with friends? Don’t beat yourself up as it takes 3,500 calories to gain one pound of fat. It’s what you do the days afterwards which is important but denying yourself a treat is not the answer to being happy and healthy.

6. Give peer pressure the boot

Remember: your body is your body and everyone is different! Don’t judge how much exercise you should be doing or how many calories you should eat based on someone else, as it is completely personal to you.

7. Get a personal trainer

Sometimes you need an added boost to your confidence and using a personal trainer is the best way to maximise your potential. Whatever you’re trying to achieve, a tailored fitness regime will give you that added belief.

Personal trainers will work you harder and faster than you could ever do alone, and they’re constantly teaching you about technique, nutrition and instilling body confidence.

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