The powers of yoga

The powers of yoga, diana's, wellingborough

It is often said that yoga has healing powers. Our expert trainers know for a fact that downwards dog could be the key to better muscle strength, better health and even a better night’s sleep.
Yoga has been getting countless celebrities hitting their mats recently and displaying their love of the lotus position by posting some seriously inspiring selfies.

Jessica Alba, Ellie Goulding, Lea Michele of Glee and Lady Gaga are just among the many, many celebs caught up in the yoga craze. Even Beyoncé has been posting pics on Instagram with her latest ‘bridge’ pose!

What is yoga all about?

Yoga is a calming, comforting ancient form of exercise first developed in Northern India. The discipline uses meditation and a variety of postures to affect both the body and the mind. The use of the ‘Om’ sound not only relaxes and encourages breath control but can even open the sinuses to combat any head colds. It can also aid your immune system fight off any unwanted illnesses.

The postures themselves can be used to improve a person’s posture, and can seriously help the spine in doing so, so anyone who knows the aches of sitting behind a desk could have their pain taken away by practicing yoga. It can also help with your balance and flexibility by keeping your joints working and strong to prevent any cartilage breakdown and releasing any pent-up tension.

Yoga is excellent for the blood, too! It may sound strange, and even scientists are struggling to figure out how it does it, but yoga can increase blood flow and even lower blood pressure and blood sugar, leading to some significant health benefits. It’s even proved to be good for your bones and therefore your core strength.

The celebrities have got it right!

Even if your health is tip-top right now, yoga has another purpose. Many studies have shown that yoga can actually make you live a much happier life. In completing the exercises on a regular basis, yoga allows you to be much more focussed and relaxed so if the stresses of the work day are on your shoulders, shrug them off with a shoulder-stand instead.

If we’ve convinced you that yoga is the way to go, join in with the yoga selfies and send them our way!

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