Elaine Taylor

Before and After Health & Fitness, Wellingborough

Firstly, MASSIVE congratulations to Elaine.

From the photo’s above, you can see how Elaine has transformed herself; she has lost (in total) seven stone starting her journey at 25 stone and now enjoying life again at 18 stone, which is an incredible achievement!

Elaine has been a member with us for 18 months and in December 2016, she started to focus on improving her diet and coming to the gym five times a week.

She really caught the fitness bug and in April 2017 she started to do Park Runs. Elaine told us:

“When I did my first Park Run it took me 1 hr 4 mins to complete 5 km, now I can do it in 54 mins and run a mile without stopping.”

She also began cycling and taking part in Pilates classes.

Her ultimate goal is to lose another six stone. To add to her achievements she has signed up to do “Ride the Night”, which is a 100 km bike ride from Windsor to Central London and back in May 2018.

Elaine, we have no doubt that you will absolutely smash these goals and everyone here at Diana’s would like to say a massive well done, what you have achieved is truly inspiring and we are incredibly proud of you!

To congratulate Elaine she won member of the month in July 2017 and as a result, enjoyed a free month in her membership. Well done Elaine!

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