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Fiona started running with her Personal Trainer (Tom) a year ago; she wasn’t the biggest fan of running but had set herself a goal of completing 10km. At the beginning, she struggled to run 1km, almost collapsing at the side of the road and literally begging Tom for mercy not to run up hills. However, through sheer determination and with Tom at her side, not letting her stop, she gradually built up her distances and can now comfortably run 8km!

Fiona has put in a lot of hard work by doing long distance runs, interval training and various classes. All this hard work has paid off, as she now enjoys running, even going out by herself ‘imagining Tom by the side of her’ saying “You can do this!” She has lost 1 Stone and inches around her thighs.

It’s a story like this that shows even if you are scared of something or believe you can’t do it, as long as you stick with it and put in the hard work you can accomplish anything. That is why we chose Fiona as the worthy winner of May 2017’s member of the month!

She aims to reach her target of 10km by the end of June 2017 and then take part in a road race.

So we hope you can all join us in congratulating Fiona on winning and receiving a free month in her membership because of it.

Keep going girl; we are unbelievably proud of you and nothing can stop you now!

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