Laura Strutton

Before and After Health & Fitness, Wellingborough

The first photo you see above is Laura in March 2017, the second is Laura just three months later in June 2017. In that seriously short amount of time, she has lost 1 stone and 4lbs; that’s a serious transformation and you should be incredibly proud of yourself Laura.

She puts it all down to Tracey’s classes (Delirium, Curvalicious, Body pump and Clubbercise) which attends and this is what she has to say about them:

“The classes with Tracey have massively helped, I find them really enjoyable and motivating!

I am getting married in July 2018 and this is the main reason I wanted to lose the weight and get fit. However, I will be continuing with Tracey’s classes after the wedding as I find them a fun way to de-stress after a long day at work”

So, we hope you can all join us in congratulating Laura for this incredible transformation in such a short time and also for winning our member of the month for June 2017 and receiving a free month of membership because of it!

Laura, we are incredibly proud of you and don’t stop now girl; the sky is the limit! It’s stories like these that truly show us that as long as your heart is in it, you can honestly accomplish anything!

Big props Laura, keep going!!!!

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