New Brand. New Website. New Year. New You?

New Brand. New Website. New Year. New You? Diana's, Wellingborough

This week, Diana’s have launched a brand new logo, identity and website which is all based on the name we have been known as for many years now; it’s simply “Diana’s”. Adding the Health & Fitness tagline felt like a no-brainer to us, it’s exactly what being a part of Diana’s is all about – YOUR health, YOUR fitness.

We think the new colours are fresh and clean and really help represent the brand that we’ve grown into. You will be seeing new signage popping up around the club over the next month and of course, we are updating all our marketing materials with the new look. A quick shout out and a big thank you to Michelle Cullington-Eade of Lime Design Studio here in Wellingborough for all her hard work and awesome creativity in coming up with the new brand.

Once we had our new branding sorted out, the next most important thing to do was the website. Having launched this, it is now the hub of all our marketing activity so please do keep checking back for new updates.

There are some new features on the website that we are really proud of. For example, take a look at the calculators we’ve put together to help you understand your own body better and the effects your exercise regime has on your health and fitness. If you need any help with these or are concerned about any results you might see, give us a shout; we are always here to help and support you.

You can also see a series of success stories that will help you to understand more about some of the success stories that have come out of Diana’s. We are always on the lookout for another story to shout about, so we are re-introducing the “Member of the Month” where featured members will receive a month’s FREE membership. Keep an eye on these as we announce them, for now, if you have an achievement you are proud of and would like to share, please let us know here.

Our classes and timetable pages are closely linked to let you easily browse the 130+ classes we hold each week and quickly choose between virtual and live classes. The member’s area has also had a bit of a facelift too, but will still feel very familiar so don’t panic.

We’ve made it much easier to select which membership is right for you and you can now join online, so head on over to the JOIN page and click the Membership Finder button. The website was designed, built, written and created by Tim Brown and his team over at Media Identity in Northampton and they continue to help support and maintain the website. A huge thank you to Tim and the team for the work and commitment that has gone into creating this site; we know you’re as proud of the site as we are.

To help with everyone’s New Year resolutions, we are launching a brand new Drum ’N’ Bass Workout class. This new class hits the timetable as a result of the feedback we’ve received through our recent masterclass, chosen by our members FOR our members. The class is going to be run by the lovely JoJo and is going to be another hit with our members, we’re sure of it; and what better way to get your New Years Resolutions (a new exercise regime, right?) off to a kicking start?

We love our new look and feel and are very proud of the new website, but we are really keen to find out what YOU think… Please comment below to share your thoughts, after all, you’re part of the Diana’s family and your opinion is just as important as ours.

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