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What if I join into a 12 month commitment which I then need to cancel?

Within our terms & conditions that you sign upon joining, it states that you may be released from your contract before the 12 month commitment ends due to the following reasons; pregnancy, redundancy, relocation or medical reasons. In all of these cases we will need a letter evidencing the reason & a £25 cancellation fee. […]

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Can I put my account on hold?

Yes, at any point within your membership you can put your account on ‘freeze’ for £5 p/m for 3-6 months. You might want to do this due to injury, holidays or for financial reasons. We will need your freeze request before the 16th of any calendar month to put your account on hold for the […]

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Can I add my child on at any point within my membership?

Yes, children are not tied in for any length of time. You can add them onto your membership at any point and also take them off at any point. Visit the membership page to see how much membership is for your child. When it comes to cancelling your child’s membership, you must follow the same […]

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What happens if I cancel my Direct Debit?

This does not automatically cancel your membership and can leave you in a difficult situation financially as your account will fall into arrears. If you are having difficulties paying your membership fees, please contact our team who will advise the best action for you to take.

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