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Personal Trainer

Myths about personal training

If you’ve not given personal training a go yet, I can see how it can be easy to let those excuses build up and build up! In my experience though, once someone has given it a try and seen the results, they never turn back – their trainer becomes an invaluable part of their fitness plan. So, […]

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Healthy Trick or Treat Recipes, Diana's Wellingborough

Trick-or-treat recipes with a twist

Around this time every year, when the grocery aisles are fully stocked with goodies, a dilemma arises: Do you stock up on sugar laden treats for the local trick-or-treaters? Or do you wear your dietician hat and look for healthier alternatives that won’t evoke a look of disgust from the children? With the helping hand […]

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Gym Myths, Diana's, Wellingborough

The truth about well-known gym myths

Are you smashing it at the gym but not seeing any results? The chances are that you’ve fallen victim to bad advice. But don’t worry, it’s so easy to do now a days. New research is overturning long believed tips about the best ways to work out. No panicking: our star trainers are always here […]

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The powers of yoga, diana's, wellingborough

The powers of yoga

It is often said that yoga has healing powers. Our expert trainers know for a fact that downwards dog could be the key to better muscle strength, better health and even a better night’s sleep. Yoga has been getting countless celebrities hitting their mats recently and displaying their love of the lotus position by posting some seriously […]

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HIIT at Diana's, Wellingborough

Get fit with HIIT

So, what is it? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and it is ideal for anyone pushed for time, hence the words ‘high intensity’. 20 – 30 minutes of training can be equal to a whole hour’s moderate workout, which means that you don’t need to worry about spending hours of the time you […]

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Take your fitness on holiday with you; Diana's, Wellingborough

Take your fitness on holiday with you

Let’s be honest, we spend the majority of the year counting down until the summer so we can go on holiday somewhere hot! We want to look our best in our swimsuits, come back with a cracking tan and just sit back and relax! To get our beach body confidence we deny ourselves our favourite […]

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Getting kids interested in being active & Healthy with Diana's, Wellingborough

Getting kids interested in being active & healthy

It’s the time old question: how do we keep children entertained? Between weekends and school holidays, children have plenty of free time to use up all that pent-up energy youth provides them with but too often we find them slumped in front of games consoles, while the sun is shining. At Diana’s we’re staging a […]

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Summer fitness has more than one shape; Diana's, Wellingborough

Summer fitness has more than one shape

With all the hype surrounding Protein World’s summer body campaign, at Diana’s we think it’s important to emphasise that getting in shape for summer is not about being the skinniest or the most muscly – it’s about being healthy and happy in your body! Looking after our bodies and ensuring fitness levels are maintained is important no […]

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Give your diet a spring clean with superfoods; Diana's, Wellingborough

Give your diet a spring clean with superfoods

Have you recovered from your chocolate Easter egg induced coma yet? At Diana’s we love our food as much as anyone in Wellingborough, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves that the tastiest foods can also be the healthiest! Have you heard the buzzword ‘superfoods’ recently? While there’s no official scientific classification of a superfood, […]

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Tips for relaxation

Breathe-in, breathe-out: tips for top relaxation

So now we understand that stress is a natural process our body undergoes and that in small doses it can actually be beneficial to our health, we’re firmly in the driving seat to control how our bodies react to stressful situations using the power of breathing! If you read on we will tantalise you with the miracle […]

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